Udders Ice Cream is an award-winning fun, casual, quirky ice cream cafe that offers mouth-watering unique flavours of ice cream with a big dose of cheeky humour.  Who else would name their ice cream brand after a cow’s ahem ….. tits?

Founded in 2007, Udders is proud to offer artisanal ice cream, handcrafted, churned in small batches, fresh right here in Singapore, and made with the best natural ingredients we can find.  Our well-loved flavours include exotic Asian Specials, and udderly amazing alcoholic flavours.  Udders is the largest artisanal ice cream chain in Singapore, with more than 60 retail points, and is also the official ice cream partner of Gardens by the Bay.

The Udder Pancake … is always batter!  A sister concept of Udders Ice Cream, we are a fun, casual, quirky place where one can chill with good conversation and enjoy flippin’ delicious homemade pancakes.  Our original recipe pancakes are fluffy, light, cooked-to-order and served fresh off the griddle with awesome SAVOURY accompaniments – think pulled pork eggs ben, truffled mushroom & eggs, honey-glazed herbed chicken, grilled beef and more!  For those who prefer traditional favourites, we have the Naked Pancakes with maple syrup / butter , or brown butter caramel bananas.

The Udder Pancake is best paired with Udders Ice Cream as a twinning concept.  Where people can enjoy the entire dining and dessert experience with the best of both worlds.  Hey, life is short!  Laugh more, love more, dream more ………. oh and eat more pancakes 🙂

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