20 December 2013

PastaMania – Singapore’s largest Italian restaurant chain is welcoming Christmas with the opening of its flagship store in Puxi at one of the highest traffic mall, Shanghai Metro City this December. Shortly launching its Shanghai’s Pudong flagship store at Superbrand Mall in November, PastaMania is on track in its aggressive unit development plan in Shanghai.

百世达——喜迎圣诞节,新加坡最大的意大利餐饮连锁浦西旗舰店将于今年 12 月份, 在上海美罗城大型购物商场开业。随着上海浦东旗舰店于 11 月份在正大广场开业,百 世达上海连锁店发展计划由此步入正轨。

Operated by the Singapore-based Commonwealth Capital Group, PastaMania plans to set up 50 restaurants in Shanghai, and 500 throughout China through corporateowned and licensed units. “We are rolling out our expansion plan swiftly but carefully. The choice of location is critical for us. A landmark of Xujiahui, iconic eyecatching building, access to Metro line and a good blend of office and residential crowds, Metro City is an ideal site as our flagship store in Shanghai’s Puxi area. We are also very impressed with the strong mall management and assistance offered by the landlord that enables us to thank all our fans and supporters with the opening of our store during the Christmas festive season,” said Mr Wilson Lim, Executive Director of International Business.

由新加坡联邦资本投资集团运营的百世达,计划在上海开设 50 家餐厅,并在中国开设 500 家直营和特许经营连锁餐厅。国际业务执行总监林恩祥先生说:“我们正在迅速而 谨慎地开展我们的扩展计划。对于我们来说,地点的选择是至关重要的。具有地标意 义的徐家汇、引人注目的标志性建筑、靠近地铁线路以及办公区与住宅群的良好融 合,使美罗城成为我们上海浦西旗舰店的一个理想场所。令我们印象深刻的还有业主 提供的强大的购物中心管理和帮助,这些使我们能够在圣诞节期间开业,以感谢我们 所有的支持者。”

While winter months are typically not a favorite time for store opening in China as compared to summer, Mr Lim humbly expressed that it is an opportune timing for company to invest in staff training, fine-tune operational flow and enhance customers’ experience with the gradual build-up to summer months. PastaMania is likely to ink the third location in Shanghai before the end of 2013. As to 2014, a confident Mr Lim is already planning for 6 new stores in Shanghai and 12 units in other parts of China.

在中国相对于夏季来说,冬季并不是商店开业的理想季节,而林先生认为,这是公司 开展员工培训、调整运营流程和提高顾客体验的恰当时机,从而在逐渐进步中迎接夏 季的来临。百世达决定在 2013 年年底之前选定第三个地点。至于 2014 年,林先生已 经为上海的 6 家新店,以及中国其他地区的 12 家连锁餐厅做好规划。

“We know we have the right formula for Shanghai from the feedback given by our customers. We have the most extensive pasta menu in town. Our focus is on offering authentic Italian pasta cuisine to the Chinese consumers. We were told by our customers that besides the store ambience, they loved our chunky minced Beef Bolognese, the very flavorful Prawn Aglio, the crunchy Bacon Cheesy Crumble and our signature desserts such as Panna Cotta, Tiramisu and Blueberry Crostata. For this Christmas, a special 3-course menu with beverage has been introduced. We are very excited about the opportunities in China,” commented Mr Giacomo Galtarossa, General Manager of Supply Chain.

供应链的总经理贾科莫·加尔塔罗萨先生评论说:“通过客户反馈,我们得知我们在上海 的餐饮菜单很受欢迎。我们有城区内最丰盛的意大利面食菜单。我们专注于为中国顾 客提供正宗的意大利面食。我们的顾客说,除了餐厅的氛围以外,他们还喜欢我们的 牛肉酱意面、非常可口的蒜香辣虾意面、松脆的培根干酪粉以及我们的招牌甜点,例 如:意式牛奶布丁、经典提拉米苏和香脆蓝莓披萨。为了迎接这个圣诞节,我们已经 引进了特别的带饮品三套菜单。我们为这次在中国的机会感到兴奋。”

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