26 May 2016

Kuwait, 22nd April 2016 – PastaMania opens its 10th restaurant in Qurain, Kuwait, capturing the interest of customers with its first Italian inspired restaurant design. This new outlet, designed for both dine-in & delivery service, is sized at over 2,000 square feet. Located in the heart of a residential district populated by upwardly mobile Kuwaitis and foreign expatriates, it is strategically located to bring delight and convenience to the community.

PastaMania at Qurain, the first to showcase the Italian piazza concept, presents a destination that will bring the everyday pleasures of Italian wholesomeness to the customers. Mr. Wilson Lim, Executive Director of International Business, Commonwealth Capital said, “PastaMania Kuwait started out as a food-court concept and is now progressively focusing itself as a casual dining restaurant. We believe this evolution and fresh ambience will bring joy and satisfaction to customers’ dining experience.”

PastaMania at Qurain is designed in accordance to the Italian piazza concept, which means ‘City Square’ where the bustling of public life takes place. Customers can find Italian news-stand (Edicola), the neighbourhood pasta shop (Negozio Della Pasta) and grocery store (Alimentari) settings in the restaurant. Customers will be transported out of their daily grind to an intimate Italian escapade at PastaMania. Mr. Lim added “We want to bring a piece of Italy to our customers so that they can enjoy the simple pleasures of living like the Italians do.”

Mr. Subroto Mukherjee, Head of Marketing and Strategy at PastaMania Kuwait, said, “the casual dining positioning and Italian Piazza concept are both refreshing and selfrenewing. It will catapult PastaMania in Kuwait to a heighten business and new customer engagement level. We take pride in not just the cuisine we serve but enabling our customers to experience ‘Italy’ in our restaurant.”

Over the next few years, PastaMania Kuwait aims to rapidly expand its footprints in the country. In the pipeline, there are another incremental 15 to 20 retail points and delivery hubs being charted in Kuwait. Immediately, in quarter 4 of FY 2016, PastaMania Kuwait will be launching its first stand-alone dine-in focused restaurant.

Picture 1: Store Front, PastaMania at Qurain, Kuwait

Picture 2: Piazza Interior, PastaMania at Qurain, Kuwait

Picture 3: Service Counter Area, PastaMania at Qurain, Kuwait

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