Udders Ice Cream is an award-winning fun, cheeky, quirky ice cream brand that offers mouth-watering unique flavours of ice cream with a big dose of cheeky humour.  Who else would name their ice cream brand after a cow’s ahem… tits?

Founded in 2007, Udders offers premium, all-natural ice cream in wonderful, kickass flavours.  We specialise in exotic asian flavours such as the Mao Shan Wang Durian and alcoholic flavours like Baileys & Bourbon.  We are the largest ice creamery based in Singapore, with more than 300 retail points. Udders is proud to be served on board Singapore Airlines, Scoot and Jetstar, and to be the ice cream partner of the Istana, the President’s Office & Gardens by the Bay. Udders is also exported and has franchise outlets overseas.

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