Pastamania: The restaurant chain that brings a piece of Italy to China

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09 November 2013


PastaMania introduces a brand new experience of Italian casual dining to China, with the opening of its flagship store in Superbrand Mall, Pudong. Managed and operated by the Commonwealth Capital Group, PastaMania is the largest Italian restaurant chain in Singapore and is currently present in South-east Asia and Middle Countries, serving almost 20 million plates of pasta to date.

百世达的第一家旗舰店即将在浦东正大广场盛大开幕,它将向中国推出全新的意大 利休闲用餐的体验。 百世达是由新加坡联邦资本投资集团管理及经营,目前,它的足迹已 遍布东南亚和中东国家,同时也成为新加坡最大的意大利连锁美食企业。截止至今,已售 出近 2 千万份的意大利面。

Planning to set up 50 restaurants in Shanghai, PastaMania debuts in the busy financial and business district, Pudong Lujiazui, which is also a popular destination for tourists and one of the most concentrated high-end residential areas in Shanghai. “Our customers ranging from the trendy and modern executives, to tourists taking a chill and to families wanting to have an intimate time together will find PastaMania Superbrand the place to visit. We take pride in not just the cuisine we serve but enabling our customers to experience Italy in our restaurant,” commented Mr Wilson Lim, Executive Director of International Business.

百世达将陆续规划在上海开设 50 家餐厅,即将亮相的第一家旗舰店-正大广场店地处繁 华的金融与商务区,同时又是广受欢迎的旅游热门景区和高档住宅的聚集地。“我们的顾 客群体从家庭到上班族,从时尚青年到旅客,无论是家人,朋友聚餐还是商务 会餐,百世达正大店绝对是一个理想的选择!”国际业务执行董事林恩祥先生说:“我们 引以为豪的不仅仅是意大利美食,同时还能让我们的顾客身临其境,体验纯正的意大利风 情。”

Each PastaMania restaurant is designed in accordance to the Italian piazza concept, which means ‘City Square’ where the bustling of public life takes place. Customers can find Italian newsstand (Edicola), the neighbourhood pasta shop (Negozio Della Pasta), grocery store (Alimentari) and traditional Italian bakery (Panificio Da Ugo) settings in the restaurant. Mr Lim remarked that “We want to bring a piece of Italy to our customers so that they can enjoy the simple pleasures of living like the Italians do.”

百世达每个餐厅的设计元素都是受意大利文化的启发,这就意味着在繁华的都市里可享受 到轻松愉悦的意大利广场(Italian Piazza)用餐气氛。在餐厅内设有意大利报刊厅(Edicola), 意大利面店(Negozio Della Pasta),杂货店(Alimentari)和传统的意大利面包店(Panificio Da Ugo)。林先生说:“我们希望能为客人带来独一无二的用餐环境,使他们能够享受意大利 风情式轻松雅致的生活。”

PastaMania boosts an extensive menu of close to 70 choices. With the most extensive 2 pasta menu in town, consumers get to customise their meal by choosing the type of pasta they want from a selection of spaghetti, linguine, penne, fusilli or wholemeal. When it comes to food quality, there can be no compromise. “Our tomato sauce is imported directly from Italy and is all-natural with no preservatives. The best grade tomatoes are sourced from the southern region of Italy and are made using our homemade recipe. Besides bringing in high quality ingredients, our pastas are all freshly cooked to order,” remarked Mr Giacomo Galtarossa, General Manager of Supply Chain.

百世达的菜单提供了近70种丰富的选择,拥有多种类型的意大利面,顾客可以随意选择自 己所喜欢的意面类型,例如细面,扁面,通心粉,螺旋面和全麦细面等。对于食品质量检 控,百世达会严格监督。供应部总经理吉亞科莫·加尔塔罗萨说:“我们的番茄酱是从意 大利直接进口,是全天然、不含防腐剂的。所采用的西红柿是意大利南部最优质的并且使 用了独家密制食谱。除了带来高品质的原材料,我们的意大利面都是现点现做,精心烹 制。”

PastaMania has an aggressive growth strategy to operate 500 restaurants in China through company-owned stores and franchising. Mr Lim expressed “We are very excited to introduce PastaMania to different parts of China in the shortest possible time. The response has been tremendous so far with many franchise enquiries from different provinces in China hoping to start PastaMania quickly. We are setting up the infrastructure necessary for this to take place.” Meanwhile, the 1st flagship store in Puxi is targeted to open by the end of December at Metro City.

百世达对于未来有非常积极的发展战略,将通过公司直营店及特许经营在中国开设 500 家 餐厅。林先生表示:“我们的目标是百世达能在最短的时间内发展到中国不同的区域。到目 前为止,我们已得到热烈的响应,许多不同省份的加盟商正在咨询与百世达的合作事宜, 希望快速启动特许经营权。我们正在建立相关必要的基础设施来实践和完善。同时,浦西 的第一家旗舰店计划将在 12 月份在徐家汇美罗城开幕。”






Commonwealth Capital (CCPL) is a Singapore-based investment company with an emphasis in the Food vertical. Brands under CCPL include PastaMania, NYC Bagels, Swissbake and Swisstreats. Besides food manufacturing, operating restaurants and bakery cafes, CCPL’s investments also span the real estate, print and creative industries.

新加坡联邦资本投资集团 (Commonwealth Capital Pte Ltd or CCPL) 是一家以食品为主的 新加坡投资公司。其旗下的品牌有百世达(PastaMania),纽约百吉饼厂(NYC Bagels),瑞 士烘培屋 (Swissbake) 和瑞士享乐饼厂 (Swisstreats)。 除了食品制造,经营餐厅和面包店 咖啡馆外, CCPL 的投资业还涵盖了地产,印刷以及创意产业。 3 ABOUT PASTAMANIA 关于百世达

PastaMania is the largest Italian restaurant chain in Singapore specializing in their winning Casual Italian Dining concept and a strong focus on freshly-cooked Italian cuisine. From its humble beginning in 1998, PastaMania operates close to 50 stores in Singapore, Brunei, China, Egypt, Malaysia, Kuwait and the U.A.E.

百世达已成为新加坡最大的意大利餐饮连锁美食企业,以其独特的意式风情用餐概念,及 对美食烹饪的高度专注闻名遐迩。自 1988 年以来,百世达在新加坡,文莱,马来西亚,埃 及,科威特,阿联酋等国已经开设了 50 多家分店。

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